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Particle City

Particle City Website & Branding

Particle City is a new mobile game developer with a unique perspective on creating games centered around competition and community, a perspective that carries through to their brand story and corporate mission. We developed a brand look with a nod to their vision, the idea of art and science coming together in the world of interactive entertainment. We put a futuristic, utopian city at the helm and used it to dictate the entire look and feel of the fully-custom website we built for them.


The Sims 4: Get to Work Digital Campaign

Working with EA, we created a digital marketing campaign consisting of a suite of banners along with a quiz to promote The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack. The Get to Work EP allowed players to send their Sims to work for the very first time, so we highlighted the career options available in-game by drafting copy and creating character renders that spoke to these features. Services for this project included copywriting, character renders, design, and development.


Spirit Lords Website

We were given the exciting opportunity to design and develop the responsive website for Kabam’s new IP, Spirit Lords. As a new free-to-play mobile RPG game, it was important for the website to feel like an extension of the game itself — alive, active, and engaging — in order to acquire new players and carry over beta participants. One of the most important elements is the rich and detailed Game Guide that we designed as a resource for the community. The guide describes in detail all the character classes, abilities, gear, spirits, and dungeons used in the game. In order to easily manage the data of several hundred spirits and dungeons, our developers created a custom Ruby import script to manage their stats and details allowing the Kabam team to continually keep the site up to date with the latest information.

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